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Cyber Health Check

A Cyber Health Check utilises cutting-edge defence algorithms for cyber attack chain modelling to improve the cyber resilience of critical IT assets without the need to perform full business impact assessment. This service is perfect for small businesses or large organisations who want to perform assessments on individual networks. Asset management software can be used to provide us with network data and you will receive a concise report recommending patching priorities with visualisations that can be presented to the board.

quick cyber health check

Receive a concise report recommending patching actions based on critical cyber attack paths and visualisations of the weakest attack paths to critical assets.


Assess the resilience of up to 10 critical IT assets to external cyber attack.


Secure vulnerability mapping from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD).


Provide network information using the free version of Lansweeper.

For networks of up to 100 devices.

We don't need access to your network!